Worried about trusting your vehicle to someone else to drive? You should be. Chances are your truck or commercial vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t want to find out your driveaway service didn’t have the right insurance after an accident or damage has occurred.

By using Naismith Truck Movers, you can rest easy knowing that our drivers and your vehicle are fully insured for the duration that your vehicle is in our hands. Our insurance covers vehicles and drivers in all states and territories of Australia, so no matter where your vehicle is being transported to and from, we’ve got it covered.

Insurance for Unregistered Vehicles

Delivering or relocating unregistered vehicles is easy. Supplying trade plates for local or interstate travel can also be simple, but this doesn’t mean you are automatically insured. It just means the vehicle is registered for travel, in the event of an accident or write-off. So, make sure the company you use is fully insured with specialist trade plate insurance. Naismith Truck Movers will provide you with their Certificate of Currency for all unregistered vehicle movements. We’ve been doing it professionally for 19 years. Give us a call on 1300 771 772 and we’ll happily talk you through the process.

Is Your Vehicle Worth More Than $500k

Trucks, buses and commercial vehicles worth in excess of $500k are becoming more common these days. Insurance for vehicles over this amount is normally only required when a new vehicle is completed at point of manufacture, and requires transport interstate in an unregistered capacity. This allows the client to register their truck in the state the vehicle becomes operational. Naismith Truck Movers can provide you with this extra insurance. It can take one to three days to organise, and it comes with an extra premium on top of our delivery estimate. Once organised, we can provide you with a Certificate of Currency for the specified amount that your vehicle will be insured for during the period of travel.

Public Liability Insurance

We provide public liability insurance cover up to $30 million.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Our drivers and all employees are covered by workers compensation insurance at all times.
Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
Registered and unregistered vehicles in our control are fully insured to the value of $500,000.
Certificates of Currency for Naismith Truck Movers
Our Certificate of Currency is available on request if you are a Naismith Truck Movers customer. These should be passed on to your audit or compliance area for their records.
Naismith Truck Transport Perth

NB: One of 38 Kenworth T-909’s tri-axles delivered from VIC across to CJD Trucks in Perth, WA for McAleese Transport.